Can Hamsters Eat Cucumber?


The expert dietary advice is to supplement your hamster’s food with pieces of vegetables. But can hamsters eat cucumber?

Cucumbers are packed with nutrients, but hamsters are so tiny and very different from humans. The short answer may be yes, but there are some caveats.

Read the article below to find out how you can make cucumbers safe for your pet rodent.

Are Cucumbers Safe For My Hamster?

Yes, they are, unless you feed them too much or unless your hamster is allergic. An allergy to cucumbers is an extremely rare occurrence, but you should still pay attention to how your hamster reacts after he’s been fed cucumbers.

If there are no digestive issues, no compulsive chewing, and your hamster looks his usual perky, happy self, cucumbers are ok.

Start feeding your hamster a very small amount of cucumbers and watch for these signs of distress. If anything seems wrong, call your vet right away.

Can My Hamster Eat Pickles?

Pickles are cucumbers, so it must be safe for your hamster to eat them, right?

Wrong. Pickles are made with vinegar, which is toxic for hamsters. So NO, DO NOT give your hamster pickles.

Are Cucumbers Good For My Hamster?

Cucumbers have a lot of benefits for hamster, starting with their high water content. Because cucumbers contain 95% water, they’re a low-calorie snack so your hamster isn’t at risk for obesity.

Some hamsters don’t like drinking water, so supplementing their diet with the water-packed cucumbers solves this problem too.

Besides, cucumbers are a good addition because they fight constipation. Their high water intake combines well with decent dietary fibre intake, that makes your hamster’s stool bulkier. That way, cucumbers will help your pet rodent to have regular bowel movements.

How Much Is Too Much?

Limit your hamster’s cucumber intake to just a slice two or three times per week, depending on his size. Otherwise, cucumbers can cause various problems for your furry friend.

Cucumbers are packed with water, so one sign that your hamster has eaten too much cucumber is diarrhoea.

Cucumber skin can also cause diarrhoea in your hamster because of imperfect washing that doesn’t remove all bacteria or all pesticides.

Can Syrian Hamsters Eat Cucumber?

Syrian hamsters are easily overfed because they bigger, so they seem more resilient than their smaller peers.

Moderation is key with feeding Syrian hamsters cucumbers. Cut small pieces of cucumber so they can chew each piece correctly, and don’t give them too much.

Can Dwarf Hamsters Eat Cucumber?

Dwarf hamsters are half the size and weight of Syrian hamsters so you should feed them half the portion size. That means just a half a slice, two times per week.

Dwarf hamsters are at risk for diabetes and they require a diverse, balanced diet. Cucumbers are healthy for dwarf hamsters thanks to all their antioxidants, fibres, vitamins, and minerals.

However, Dwarf hamsters are more at risk of diarrhoea if you give them too much cucumber. They are also more likely to dehydrate severely after an episode of diarrhoea because they’re so small, so you should stick to dry treats unless your Dwarf hamster is constipated.

In Conclusion

All hamsters need a varied, balanced diet and cucumbers are a good addition to the mix thanks to their high-water, high-fibre content and low caloric intake.

Most hamsters like cucumbers because they taste better and are more succulent than dry pellets. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t give them too much cucumber, especially if your pet rodent starts ignoring their pellets in favour of cucumbers.


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